Are You Micronutrient Deficient?

Take this 3-minute test to learn why you:

  • • Have low energy
  • • Are always getting sick
  • • Have trouble stay focused

"Eating enough micronutrients from natural sources is essential for a healthy body. 75% of people don’t consume enough vitamins and minerals. We hope to educate, inspire and create awareness with this test. Learn what micronutrients are crucial for your optimal health."

Founders, Your Superfoods


"Before taking this test, I didn't even know what 'micronutrients' were! Now, I know that a lack of specific vitamins and minerals are a major contributor to constantly getting sick. I also learned a super easy way to strengthen my immunity - and now I feel much healthier!" - FRIEDERIKE

"It was interesting to learn what micronutrients are most important for staying more focused while at work. With a couple of small changes, I have been able to implement the knowledge I’ve gained. I felt the difference right away!" - RUBEN

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